Challenge Packs

'How Hungry are you for a Home Learning Challenge?'
'How many Challenge dishes will you choose?'
'How Hot do you like your Challenge dish?'
The idea of the Home Learning Challenges:
- to encourage children to take on independent learning at home
- to connect this learning to the Challenge and Outcome being completed at that time in the NICER Curriculum
- to give children and parents a choice of the level of challenge, time, difficulty and depth that is undertaken in this Home Learning
- to allow a further range of subjects to be covered through Home Learning
- to set a minimum expectation for the amount of Home Learning completed, but not to set a maximum on expectation so as not to limit potential and engagement for children who choose this
- to give parents both engagement and choice; to allow them to support their child on smaller, more manageable pieces of work; or to allow them to undertake a large challenge project which is built on over a number of weeks
 - to allow parents to see the levels of expectation in a wider range of subjects within the curriculum and what can be expected in terms of knowledge and skills in relation to the National Curriculum
- to involve parents alongside teaching staff to come up with ideas for Home Learning Challenges that they feel will be exciting for their children and have a sense of family engagement in the learning undertaken
The Concept:
For each Challenge Pack, children will be given their MENU for their Home Learning Challenges.  There will be two types of Home Learning:
- Small Dish Challenges - for bite size chunks of learning
- Large Plate Challenges - for bigger projects designed to be built on over a number of weeks

It would be expected for there to be 20-30 minutes spent per week - so a Small Dish would be designed to last this lone, whilst a Large Plate would more likely take between 2 and 3 hours, and be broken down into smaller chunks each week.

There will be a number of these to choose from.  Children can choose these in different combinations:

- they could choose to just complete 1 or 2 Small Dish Challenges

- they could choose to just complete 1 Large Plate Challenge

- they could choose to complete more, or even all of the Challenges

In order to present varying level of Challenge and to allow for differentiation, the Dishes and Plates will be of different Heats ranging from warm, to medium, to hot.  Pupils can choose to stretch themselves or work at a more comfortable level.  Heats of homework are mapped against the NICER Curriculum Skills Ladders and Overviews, therefore fulfilling the National Curriculum.

On the back of the Menu, Children will fill out what they have completed ready to submit to their class teacher at the end of term.  This will be then displayed alongside the Challenge Outcome.


You can view the Spring Term 2019 Home Learning Challenges below...