School Council

Fibbersley Park has an active School Council which, supported by Miss Jones, is dedicated to improving our school. Council meets every fortnight to discuss issues relevant to the children.

Our School Council helps people improve our school and helps people outside school. It organises school events and fundraising. It also listens to other children and tries to think of ways of solving their problems.

What do school Councillors do?

Two  School Councillors are elected by the pupils in their class to:

  • Go to School Council meetings and take part in discussion;
  • Let the class know what was discussed at meetings;
  • Take the views of class mates to the School Council;
  • Be involved in projects that the School Council runs.
Our School Council representatives for 2016-2017 are:

3H -  Leo Dawson

         Ruby Cooper       

3DC -  Denni Powers

           Alfie Glover       

4J -  Sophie Bray

         Corey Webb 

4T -  Alyssa Alexander

         Ashley Boden  

5L -  Darcey Mead

         Rheeya Sahota        

5W -  Millie-Jo Kelly Deakin

          Ryan Duggal

 6S -  Jennifer O’Connor

         Joshua Edwards

 6D - Ruman Lali

       Ben Doughty