Staffing Structure

Senior Leadership Team
Executive Headteacher: Mrs K Tewley
Headteacher: Mrs M Crawford
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs R Scordis - Leader for Phase 2 (Years 1, 2 & 3)
Deputy Headteacher: Miss S Reynolds - Leader for Phase 3 (Years 4, 5 & 6)
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs A Rock - Leader for Phase 1 (Nursery & Reception)
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs L Flemings - Leader for Inclusion
Academy Business Manager: Mr J Tewley
Teaching Staff
Nursery: Miss Perry 
Support Staff: Mrs Stanford, Mrs Southall and Mrs Bowers
Reception: Miss Morris (RM) Mrs Rock (RA) Miss Castley (RG)
Support Staff:  Mrs Jones, Mrs Edwards, Mr Evans, Miss Hartshorne, Mrs Fazal and Mrs Matthews 
Year 1: Mrs Iqbal (1P) Mrs Wilson (1W) Mrs Burns (1B) 
Support Staff: Mrs Kandola, Miss Higgins, Mrs Gardener, Mrs Howes, Miss Pidgeon and Mrs Edwards
Year 2: Mr Harrison (2H) Miss Griffiths (2G) Mrs Smith (2S)
Support Staff: Mrs Hodgkins, Mrs Cole, Mrs Richards and Mrs Joyce
Year 3: Miss Bushell (3B) Mr Hancock (3H)
Support Staff: Mrs Morris, Mrs Banks, Mrs Hodgetts and Mrs Jankowska 
Year 4: Miss Knight (4K) Miss Shaw (4S)
Support Staff: Mrs Fullwood, Mrs Higgins and Mrs Brotherton
Year 5: Mrs Mullaney & Miss Campbell (5D) Miss Burns (5B)
Support Staff: Mrs Jones, Mrs Stokes and Miss Mason 
Year 6: Miss Davies (6T) Mr Dewar (6L)
Support Staff: Mrs Walls, Mrs Pidgeon, Mrs Thompson
Additional Teaching and Support Staff
Teachers: Mrs Day
Support Staff: Mrs Knowles and Mrs Wilkins
Well-Being Staff: 
Mrs Hammond - Designated Safeguarding Assistant and Family Support Officer
Mrs Darby - Learning Mentor
Dr Chaplin - Education Psychologist 
Administration and Site Team
Main Office: Mrs Cockayne and Mrs Gould
Business Support Officer & PA to Headteacher: Mrs Cattell
Finance & ICT Network Support Officer: Mr Bentley
Finance Assistant: Mrs Lewis
Site Manager: Mr Masters
Caretaker: Mr Nicholls