The Dog, Duck & Cat Trust

Welcome to the stories of Dog, Duck and Cat

The aims of The Dog, Duck and Cat Trust are simple:
- For children to learn about staying safe, in a way that is fun and age appropriate, in their day to day lives and in their local community.
- To ensure children receive consistent safeguarding messages to prevent household accidents and incidents.
- To address, and educate on, subjects that affect a child’s mental health and emotional well being.
- To promote ‘safety first’ thinking, both inside the home and in the community.
- To assist Parents, Carers and Guardians (PCG) in building rapport with their children.
- To promote PCG and Child Quality Time, to build a child’s resilience, and to provide resources to facilitate this.
- To ensure children know, and they believe, that they have a person in their life, that they trust and can to talk to, if they are ever worried or scared about anything, no matter how awful or small their concern may be.