Well-being Support Services in Walsall

Key Messages from Walsall Safeguarding Partnership

Week beginning Monday 11th May 2020

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is ‘Kindness’.  Research shows kindness and mental health are deeply connected. Protecting our mental health and that of others is going to be central to coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic.

Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has launched a 24-7 support line for adults, older adults, and children and young people requiring urgent mental health support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

0345 646 0827 (press 2 for Walsall residents).

Some people prefer the anonymity offered by a larger, national charity. The Samaritans can be contacted free 24 hours a day on 116 123.

The MIND website also has information about coping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kooth offers mental health advice and support for young people.

Families with a new baby maybe feeling particularly isolated at the moment. The vast majority of new parents will be coping – the resilience of the family will see them through. But there will be a significant minority where the additional challenge of a new child is a strain too far. Think about how you can support these families, maintain contact, encourage they attend appointments such as immunisations (which is another opportunity for face to face support) and work with other partner agencies who may have contact with the family.

Walsall Safeguarding Partnership website is being updated regularly.  As we start to think about preparing for life after lockdown, now is a great opportunity to access learning and development opportunities such as online courses, podcasts and webinar’s.  These are being added to the website on a daily basis so keep checking in to see what is new.