As a school, we are passionate about the teaching, learning and assessment of music. Music plays an important and consistent part in the life of the children. As pupils progress through the school, they should develop critical skills within music, allowing them to compose and perform with an increased awareness of the steps and skills involved within this process.

We wish to give every child the opportunity to experience and enjoy music through a variety of fun and engaging opportunities. We also aim to promote pupils’ social, cultural, spiritual and global development through music.

We have a Music Specialist onsite which means we can offer whole class instrumental tuition to all children in KS2. We offer before and after school clubs in which the children can learn to play Keyboard, Melodica, Drum Kit, Guitar and Descant Recorder. We have complete class sets of Samba and Djembe instruments, which we use to learn about other cultures and which supports the learning of reading traditional rhythm notation. We showcase our instrumental skills through regular online and live concerts.

We have a visiting teacher from Walsall Music Education Hub who teaches guitar as an additional small group lesson throughout the day.

Guitar Exam Success for Year 5 Students

Celebrating guitar exam success for Year 5 students

We also offer an after school Choir club which visits community groups and we have an annual visit to Young Voices to showcase our talents with thousands of other children at Birmingham NEC Arenas.

We use ‘The Charanga Musical School Scheme’ to ensure that all children across the school are being developed in the following musical skills:

  • Listening and appraising
  • Singing
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Performing

The scheme helps us to teach music through different genres of music, tailored to the age and stage for that year group. The scheme also allows us to support confident musicians to deliver challenge through differentiated tasks throughout each lesson. Additional music opportunities to help inspire, develop and challenge the children’s musical skills are available for them throughout their school journey.

    We use our Arts and Humanities topics to help us to explore the musical genres of the subjects we are learning about and this also supports our understanding of the topic by immersing us in the sound and sights of the eras that the topics explore. This exposes the children to a range of instruments and sound cultures from around the world.