Welcome to Year One

Class Teachers

Y1 1 – Mrs K. Burns (Year Group Lead)

Y1 2 – Mr Hancock

Y1 3 – Mrs Iqbal


Support Staff

Miss Baker
Mrs Cruxton
Miss Silk
Mrs Wilkins (SEND)
Ms Kaur
Miss Male
Miss Wajid



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PE Days & Kit Expectations

Monday and Friday

  • White T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black pumps

Challenge Packs

Autumn Term

We are Family! – How can we create a gallery of ourselves?

In this challenge pack children will be explore the similarities and differences between themselves and their grandparents. They will use maps to identify key features of the local area of Willenhall.  They will look at the history of their lifetime and create a simple timeline.  With a large focus on art they will explore different portrait artists and learn how to sketch and use watercolours to create portraits and self-portraits. This will all come together to create a gallery to share with our parents.