At Fibbersley Park Academy we aim to immerse our children in Geography through creative and effective teaching. We want our children to feel inspired and understand the complexity of our world by studying people and places from all corners of the globe.

The study of Geography is more than knowing locations on a map. It is exploring cultures and diversity and helps us to develop knowledge and understanding that aids to eliminate divides and bring us all together.

Through skilled based teaching from teachers who are passionate about the study of Geography, we deliver an exciting curriculum that provides opportunity for enquiry and exploration. Our excellent NICER curriculum incorporates these Geography elements through a cross-curricular approach in a variety of different ways and topics. Children are given the chance to express their own views and investigate the views of others that contribute to important perspectives and current affairs of our world. The skills we provide the children through our Geography curriculum will prepare students for the future and teach them how to be outstanding citizens of our world.