Personal, Social and Health Education/Relationship and Health Education

At Fibbersley Park Academy our PSHE/RHE curriculum is planned to support the needs of our pupils and the communities in which they live. We aim to cultivate their skills, knowledge and experiences which will facilitate them to live happy, healthy, safe and accomplished lives.

The lessons are taught in discrete weekly sessions in both KS1 and KS2 and they are linked where possible to our NICER curriculum. In EYFS, PSHE is an integral part of our daily learning and is covered through circle time activities and planned sessions linked to our themes. We also have whole school events, special days/weeks, visitors, trips, assemblies and celebrations which contribute to the pupils understanding and knowledge.

Our approach to PSHE is that we teach the content of the curriculum in an age appropriate and sensitive way, which builds on the children’s skills and knowledge as they move through the school.

PSHE is broken down into the following sections:

Relationships Education (Families and people who care for me, Caring friendships, Respectful Relationships, Online Relationships, Being Safe)

Physical and Mental Well Being (Mental health, Internet safety, Physical fitness and health, Healthy Eating, Health and Prevention, Basic First Aid, Changing Bodies)

Living in the Wider World (Rules and Responsibilities, Communities, Money and Finance, Discrimination and Diversity)

Every half term we also focus on one of our five core FIDES values:

  • Focus on Family (Working together, trusting each other, sharing our feelings, being there for each other, wanting the best for each other, being please wen others do well)
  • Insist on Excellence (Believing in ourselves, aiming for the goal, being resilient and never giving up, doing our best and being the best we can be, keep practising, celebrating and sharing what we do)
  • Do good as you go (Showing kindness to each other, being a good friend, sharing a smile, using good manners, helping others, considering other people’s feelings)
  • Embrace Innovation (exploring new ideas, trying new things, having an open mind, thinking big, using our imaginations, learning to change)
  • Seize Success (being enthusiastic and positive, working hard, making the most of opportunities, enjoying our learning, being encouraged and encouraging others, learning from our mistakes, including everyone)

Relationships and Health Education is now compulsory in Primary schools (Sex Education is compulsory in all Secondary schools). See our policies section for more information.