Feb 22, 2021

Forwarded on behalf of Seona Baker, Child Safeguarding Coordinator – Education and Early Years, Children’s Services, Walsall M.B.C.

OMEGLE – recurring press reports

Last year schools across the UK were warned about a well-known chat room, Omegle. Some schools issued warning to parents and carers urging them to talk to their children about these types of platforms.

Content from Omegle is now being shared by popular influencers which could encourage young people to visit this platform. We are aware of instances where popular influencers are livestreaming reaction videos of them using the platform.

Young people are likely to use these chat rooms and chat room apps because they seem fun, and the randomisation of people can be exciting. As young people spend so much more time online due to ongoing restrictions there is an increased chance that they will come across these sites.

The risks are:-

• Young people are at risk of seeing distressing or highly sexualised imagery without warning
• They may be asked or pressured to remove clothing or reveal personal information
• They may be asked to have private conversations on other apps or platforms
• They may be sent malicious links or spam

Top tips:-

• Keep on engaging young people in a conversation about keeping safe online and who they would talk to if someone made them feel uncomfortable
• When talking to a child or young person it is best not to mention the website or app by name as it may increase the risk of them checking out the platform
• Submit an online report to CEOP